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Adult Classes

Ballet X (Adult ballet fitness)

Ballet X combines exercising while learning the graceful art of ballet.  We will teach you the basic moves and routines in an encouraging atmosphere to let your inner dancer out.  Warm-ups at the start of class increases your bodies flexibility & balance while learning the steps and routines strengthen & tones your body.  Improved co-ordination, rhythm, memory and cardio are some of the benefits gained from the class.

Strictly Basics (Adult ballroom & latin)

Fancy some light hearted fun while learning the Viennese Waltz or Rumba?  Come and join us and learn the Latin & Ballroom dances performed on Strictly Come Dancing (minus the acrobatic tricks).  Classes are set for all levels from the 2 left foot dancer to the more advanced.  You will learn the steps & techniques to become a confident dancer.  Classes offer a great, relaxed social event with many going for drinks after class at the pub nearby which everyone is welcome to join.

Adult Ballet

A chance to try something new or to rekindle an old passion? Our adult ballet class will have something for everyone. Whether you are just wanting an exercise class with a difference or you always wanted to try ballet, this is the class for you. The class will follow the traditional format of Barre Work before progressing to a more energetic Centre practice all guided expertly by our fabulous teacher Kerry.

Dance is a conversation between body & soul

We look forward to you joining us...

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M-F: 8am - 7pm

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