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Our 1st Summer School

For our first blog we decided to write about "workshops" and the delicate balance between teaching, at least some of the basics while keeping it fun and light hearted at the same time.

Our Summer School this year proved to us just how important this balance is. With a large age range from 5-13yrs we had to work hard to include all our pupils. We strived to ensure each child's individual standards & strengths were pushed to the forefront by the end of the three days for their final performance. With "workshops" of course you don't always necessarily know the pupils which sign up.

On the first day it was very much a process of getting to know the pupils and what dance experience they have. As Dance Teachers you tend to choreograph dances before classes as you know your students capabilities. With "workshops" that doesn't always work out and you find yourself thinking on your feet, as you realise what you have created isn't quite right. This could either be sometimes technically or after you have met your pupils, you get a different vibe that your Dance just doesn't seem right.

By the end of Day 1 though we had decided where we were going and from then on it was all systems go. For our group, the children absolutely loved the drama in the 2 Musical Theatre pieces we had chosen and by the performance on Wednesday were fabulous. Of course they did amazingly well with Ballet and Tap, but for our group of dancers it was the Musical Theatre that captured their imagination. The whole group made us so proud as they not only performed it but poured their whole heart into it.

Now we are looking forward to what our October "workshop" brings....

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