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The Trouble with Advertising

Obviously every business has to advertise but when you don't have a shop which shows what you are selling it becomes a slightly more difficult thing to achieve.

Just lately I've notice that my partner Kerry and I have been spending an increasing amount of time on our laptops trying to get ourselves known in the local community. From flyers to posters to banners-you name it we have tried it. The problem is not everyone is as helpful as you might think and when you are a small (or perhaps tiny , is a better description) business with a budget of-well nothing, the challenge increases further.

From the unhelpful corner shop owner, who promises to put up a flyer, then promptly bins it, to the supermarket who will not allow us to go on their board because its charity only (even though there are some Dance Schools up already). I'm beginning to get the feeling at this point that its not "what you know" its "who you know!"

You would think that with us safely tucked up behind a laptop promoting on Social Media would mean that we are not irritating anyone with our banners etc but you'd be wrong. It seems that even "sharing" our school on the wrong page/group/site has the ability of annoying people. So where do we go from here? Either we have to befriend every shopkeeper/ manager in the South East or some how acquire or rely on our fantastic parents / friends to share our page as much as possible, telling their friends about the amazing new Dance School that has just opened called K A Dance Academy!!

#advertising #newbusiness #smallbusiness

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