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Bloody Mobile Phones

Recently I was reading a Dance Teacher magazine and the problems that come with the business. One particular problem that was highlighted by a Dance Teacher was “my juniors won’t stop texting at the barre between combinations.”

I had to laugh when I read this as it seems an absurd issue to have. Every Teacher I have ever known (in Dance or in Schools), including Kerry and myself have always had a certain amount of discipline and respect in the Studio. I cannot believe any teacher would allow a student to even look at their phone after class begins, let alone between exercises! If I think back to my own training many years ago and how strict my Dance Teachers were (even a yawn in class could get us sent out of the studio), it seems laughable that these problems have occurred. Part of Dance especially Ballet has to be discipline. The uniform and hair all has to be correct and neat as this is part of how we present ourselves in the Ballet world. In any learning environment disruptions must be kept to a minimum to maximise learning and maintain the flow of the class. This is the teachers responsibility to carry through so that all the students benefit.

Obviously, times have now changed and the image of the Ballet teacher with a stick and a stern look on her face have thankfully passed. As an adult I am however thankful for the discipline Ballet gave me as it has served me well in many aspects in my life.

Kerry and I will no doubt continue to maintain our standards in our class and mobile phones will stay-safely tucked away in bags!!

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